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Fall / Winter 18 Shopping Guide

Hey Ladies! I am so excited to share with you my favorite 2018 fall fashion items and looks!

When it comes to my personal style, I try to keep a healthy balance between trendy and timeless pieces; as well as looking effortless, yet put together. I truly think these fall/winter looks and items I’ve linked below will make that happen for you as well! Remember, fashion is suppose to be creative, fun, and make you feel confident and fabulous. Also, everyone has their own personal style, so it’s okay to put your own spin on it too!


Let’s start with the overall trends this fall and winter season! Yay, this is my favorite part! 😃 I have to say I am obsessed with the overall themes. My two favorite themes are Western/Cowboy and 70’s street style!


70’s style -

Dresses - I am loving all the floor length, high neck, and long sleeve billowing dresses. Prints and colors on these dresses can be so gorgeous. With a 70’s take, these dresses will take you back to those hippy, groovy times, but of course with a 2018 twist

Trousers - Loving all the bell bottom, over-sized trousers in neutral and rust colors, and even in corduroy!

Denim - Bell bottoms!

Tees and Blouses - All band tees are amazing as well as ruffle blouses for a classier look that’s still trendy!


Loving a strongly western themed jacket, either in denim or leather.

Blouses - Loving western, embroidered blouses with over-sized trousers. (This is a harder look to pull off without looking like you’re dressing up in a Halloween costume, but here are some examples below)

Over-sized coats

There is nothing more comfortable than an over-sized coat! You can either choose more of a blazer style or a teddy coat style, but both are amazing!

Blanket midi skirt

Midi skirts in general are everything this fall and winter, paired with cute boots. However, I am especially loving the blanket skirts this season paired with a gorgeous blouse! There is just something so chic about it!

Shoulder pad blazers

I am obsessed with a structured blazer in general, so this is something I already have in my closet! If Kaptan would let me, I would wear mine everyday. 💁🏻‍♀️ Throwing on a blazer will always elevate and complete pretty much any look!


Loving fringe on boots, skirts, and jackets! It definitely goes well with the Western theme this season

Mixing prints

This is a tough one that I haven’t mastered just yet, so it is easiest to find pieces that have mixed the prints for you! Here are some looks that I am in love with right now!


Colors and Prints

Rust color pallets - Rust (browns, oranges, blues, yellows, greens) these are all such an amazing spin off of the normal neutrals!

Cheetah Print - Have to get yourself some cheetah print! Loving it on a skirt or a collared denim jacket!

Plaid- Such a classic print that will never go out of style! Something I would definitely recommend investing in.

All white outfits- I know everyone says never wear white after Labor Day, but honestly no one is listening this season.😜 I am loving the all-white silhouettes or pairs.

Python- I mean this is such a show stopping trend. Dresses are the easiest way to pull it off but jackets, skirts, and pants are amazing too! Make sure it’s good material and print or else it can look really cheap.



I know shoes can be a big investment so I made sure that these picks aren’t going to be a one season and done type purchase. I want these to last you as any classic piece would.

Cowboy boots (pointed toes)- Literally pair these with anything you throw on for the day and you look like your walking off the pages of vogue 👀

Python booties and knee high boots (pointed toes)- I’d sell my left kidney for a pair of these right now. In fact I’ll probably go buy some today or tomorrow. 💰

Kitten heels- The brands “Something navy” and “J Crew” have an amazing selection of kitten heels. Tip!!!!! They sometimes take a day or two to break in, but once they do they are so worth it.



Gold and pearl earrings - I am almost trading in my gold hoops for my pearl and gold earrings now. They are such a classy look, but love when it’s paired with an edgier outfit.

Colored jewel earrings and necklaces- I really want something like this! I think it just so gorgeous and can really elevate a look!

Layering Gold/mixed metal necklaces- This is part of my everyday outfit now! It really can be anything you want as long as it looks well balanced in volume and color. Gorjana has great necklaces for layering because their chains are adjustable in the back (like my star one I always wear). If their gold is a little too yellow for you, “Kendra Scott” has a really gorgeous gold color that I am obsessed with.

Saddle bags - This is something I have yet to get, but need in my life; Preferably, in brown. Beyond the creativity these are incredibly practical and comfortable looking! hahaha


I hope you enjoyed reading and shopping this blog! I truly love it when you send me questions so if you have any send them my way!

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