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How to Prepare to Attend your First Fashion Show

As many of you may know, I attended my first fashion show, by Harper's Bazaar, at South Coast Plaza this past week; and it was amazing! That being said, there are a few tips of advice I would give to influencers or guests attending their first fashion show. I hope you enjoy this breakdown of my experience and what I would have liked to know. As always, I love your questions so please don't hesitate to ask.


Dress up! - This is definitely a time to have some fun with your wardrobe. Things to pay attention to are if it’s a night or day show. Night shows are obviously less street style and more night wear. Day shows you can basically get away with anything street style. I definitely wish I had a little more fun with my outfit, but I wanted to play it more on the safe side. Trendier pieces and creativity are always welcome! Also something I wish I knew beforehand, was to make sure that my outfit looks good sitting down and is also comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. You will be photographed before and during the show while you’re sitting, so make sure it’s flattering!


Go early - You can never be too early for a fashion show. Trust me! Especially as a blogger, who has to take pics and video of the event. It is better to get your picture beforehand, because everyone congregates on or around the runway right before and after the show. P.S. you can usually get better seats if you go early, unless it’s assigned seating.


Don’t Daydream - Don’t expect to just stare at girls strutting their stuff the whole time. Keep in mind you have to work too. Taking notes, photos, and videos of the pieces you love the most, for your audience to see, is essential. Make sure you get the right angles for your videos because when that gorgeous dress walks by, it will only walk by once or twice (don’t miss your opportunity). Also, most fashion shows have some sort of entertainment or host that speaks during the event. Ours had a host the whole time and she was calling up various audience members to try on some of the pieces. I would have literally passed out if she called me up 🤭… No really, just because I like being in front of a camera, doesn’t mean I don’t get stage fright!


Make connections and network- I can’t stress this enough, but be friendly to everyone you meet there. Have a big smile and be overly courteous! You never know who you are sitting by and who you will talk to before or after the show! We had no idea but we were with some of the elite of Southern California. I’m talking billionaires and fashion moguls! Glad I didn’t know that beforehand or I might have stumbled and bumbled my way through the conversations. Just remember a little convo can go a long way in the future!


Bathroom Break - You might be sitting for a while with no breaks, so make sure your outfit is comfortable and flattering in that position. Also remember to hydrate before and also use the restroom, as you are not allowed to leave during the show, unless you just strut your stuff right down the runway to the exit 🤭


Find the photographer - With every great fashion show comes at least one great photographer. Find one that looks trustworthy and give them your name and contact info. Have them snap a bunch of pics of you in different areas, as this is what they are there to do. Trust me, if they are a fashion show photographer, they know how to snap pics of girls!


Enjoy! - At the end of the day, don’t forget to enjoy the fashion! Fashion is beautiful, creative, and should be celebrated. Appreciate the hard work these designers put in and picture yourself in some of their favorite pieces as they fly down the runway! I know I saw myself in this Oscar De La Renta dress

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