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Nordstrom Rack Online Top Picks Fall '18

Hi Everyone,

This has to be one of my favorite blog posts I've ever done, because who doesn't love a great deal! I combed through, what felt like the ENTIRE Nordstrom Rack website, and found the BEST pieces with the BEST deals. It breaks my heart because usually I would be purchasing all these items myself; but I am going to be a good girl and hand these gems off to you. Make sure to scroll through every category because most items are $10-$50. So don't miss out! I hope this is a sign of the love that I have for my followers. Next, I am thinking I will conquer the actual Nordstrom Rack Store and record a Vlog for you guys to see!!


Top Selections - I selected a variety of tops, many of which are under $10, from amazing brands. Look at my Instagram for inspo on how to style these pieces. For example, loving a sleeveless tee, with plaid trousers or leather pants right now. Also, you can never go wrong with a cute blouse paired with high waisted mom jeans.


Jackets and Blazers - Theses items I selected are a great balance of classic meets trendy! Wishing I can own them all!


Skirts - Skirts paired with boots are huge this season! Especially a midi skirt, with ankle or knee high boots; and a cozy sweater or one of the jackets I linked above!


Pants and Rompers - Loving anything plaid, especially on a trouser. That being said all these selections would look amazing with sweaters and booties I picked out below.


Dresses - I found fewer pieces that I love in this category. Two or three of these dresses are great for a wedding or event you may have coming up. The two black maxi dresses are very NYC street style! These are meant to have a t-shirt or long sleeve layered underneath them or a blazer over the top.


Sets - This is pretty much unheard of to find sets at the Rack. I hope these go to a happy home; if not, they are coming home with me.


Shoes - The part we have all been waiting for! I was actually shocked at the great selection Nordstrom Rack has at the moment. I am loving all things pointed toes right now, so don't be surprised if you see that theme through out this collection!

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