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Top 10 Cute, Cheap Date Ideas

Hey guys! So the other day one of our good friends asked us how we do so many fun, expensive dates. The truth is a lot of it revolves around my Instagram work. Kaptan and I both worked really hard to be able to have all these fun experiences with different brands and companies; and we love sharing that with you guys so that you will know what is worth, or not worth, investing your time and money into.

But in all honesty, before our Instagram took off, we stuck to a strict budget when it came to our dates and activities, and still do (hence trying to buy a house in Miami)!

So for this blog, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on the fun activities we do, that are definitely not comped, but still fairly cheap!

1. Tacos + Sunset - This is one of our go to’s from day one. As you may know, I am obsessed with tacos and Kaptan is also a big fan too. Tacos are quick, easy, healthy, and light to eat. Just pop into your favorite taco shop and grab some tacos and rolled tacos to go; and head to your favorite sunset spot. Our two spots are sunset cliffs and La Jolla in San Diego. If you’re in the city such as New York, think Rooftop or the outskirts. There’s nothing like ending your day with some tasty food and chill vibes.

Estimated Price: $10-15 tacos for two

2. Yoga Class/Working Out Together - Kaptan and I from day one have always exercised together. I’m talking the second week of dating, we went to the gym together (Not my choice, but I’m glad Kaptan insisted on it)! It’s an hour of your day where you are creating a healthy habit together. You are in a slightly vulnerable position, when you are working out with no makeup and getting sweaty. At first this is scary, but over time it brings a sense of comfort you will have with your partner when not looking your best. You also have to push yourself in front of your partner, as well as push your partner to do their best, which ultimately takes you to another level of bonding. We still go to the gym together today, not as often though since I am on the spin class kick, but it is still fun to push each other in the gym.

Estimated Price: Free - $10 per person

Core Power Yoga gives a week free! In La Jolla, Triology gives free yoga classes on Saturday Mornings!

3. Hiking or a stroll - If you guys want to be active together, aside from the gym atmosphere, hiking is the way to go (If there are no mountains by you, just find a trail or safe area you can explore together). You won’t get too sweaty (hopefully!) and I’m sure you guys will have some great, deep conversations if you walk long enough! Kap and I always do. There’s something about the great outdoors that always brings people together. If you want to take it a step further, you can go camping, but that’s not Kap or myself's cup of tea.

Estimated Price: Free

4. Movie Matinee - This is a great way to watch that hit, new movie you guys have been dying to see without spending $40 at the movies. Usually if you go before 4 P.M., the showings are reasonably priced. Also, it will be less packed, so you can get the best two seats in the house. If you guys are early birds, usually the first showing at most theaters is half priced, so early bird gets the worm!

Estimated Price: $5-$10 per person

5. Road Trip - This is always a fun one to do, but make sure you plan around traffic, and definitely pack some snacks. We will take short trips to Orange County or LA quite often either for shopping or to experience something exclusive to that area. Most of the fun is to be had on the journey, whether singing songs or telling funny stories, there is always some fun to be had on a car ride.

Estimated Price: Gas money and snacks! This can vary depending on budget.

6. Doing each other’s passions together - There is nothing more attractive than seeing your S.O. shine in their element. Obviously for Kaptan it’s sports, but specifically Tennis. I’m lucky enough to travel with him and watch him play in tournaments and matches (which I love every second of). But I have really come to appreciate his skills after him giving me a couple of lessons. I didn’t realize how hard Tennis was and how much dedication and practice it takes. We have a lot of fun when we play together now, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes before he practices. Kaptan in return has really taken an interest in all things fashion and social media. So much so, that I would call him my full time manager and photographer. We have really created an amazing dynamic that has brought a lot of growth individually and as a couple.

Estimated Price: Free

7. Beach Day - Now I know everyone doesn’t have a beach close to them, but a park, lake, or pool can substitute just fine for this one. These are usually summer dates, but depending on where you live, you might be able to do these in other seasons as well. Definitely catching some waves together or just cooling off can be so fun and refreshing! But sometimes just bringing a blanket, umbrella, and a football or Frisbee can be just as relaxing. You don’t necessarily have to get wet to enjoy the beach

Estimated Price: $5-$10 umbrella and blanket

8. Redbox + Pasta - Now typically I would want to watch a classic Italian movie when eating my pasta, but any Redbox will be great, as long as you both agree on it! There have been many intense negotiations between Kaptan and I, standing in front of the Redbox, with 5 people waiting in line behind us. Our most famous negotiation was between King Kong and Ocean’s 8 starring Sandra Bullock (love her). Let’s just say we still haven’t seen King Kong!

Estimated Price: $2 Redbox + $15 Pasta - meat, cheese, pasta, and sauce

9. Meditate or do a devotion together - I can’t tell you how much our lives have changed once we started making this a daily habit. We’re still not perfect at fitting this into our everyday life, but when we do, it never fails us. We both tend to walk away with a sense of peace or direction, and at least one of our moods have been uplifted. Just taking that time to get outside yourself and look to something greater really puts things in perspective.

Estimated Price: Free just need a Bible or meditation YouTube video or app 🏼

10. The Mall - There is literally endless things to do at the mall, especially on a date. (For example Kaptan and I, at this moment, are walking around while writing this blog, and fighting over whether we should get ice cream or not hahaha)

  • Trying on outfits - Playing dress up is always a go to at the mall. Whether guy or girl, it is always fun to try on great steals, or the most expensive items, that you will only be able to afford in the future.

Estimated Price: Free

  • Window shopping - The easiest and most common of them all. Our idea of window shopping is a little different than the typical version. We usually walk around and think about how each store could apply to our brand.

Estimated Price: Free

  • Food Court - This is a little challenging for Kap and I because we are both gluten free and dairy free. But usually you can find something for everyone in the food court.

Estimated Price: $15-$20 for two

  • Hot Beverage - Any outdoor mall at night, paired with a hot beverage creates such a cozy stroll together!

Estimated Price: $8 for two

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