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How to grow Instagram Engagement by Creating an Insta Story Series!

Hi insta fam!

If you have been following me, you may already know that I love doing mini vlogs of my day through insta story. Kaptan likes to call them Mini “Day in the Life” vlogs. It is an outlet to connect on a personal level with my followers, and a more organic way to share what products, restaurants, and brands I love!

I started doing these vlogs at the beginning of the year and have truly had so much fun with them!

I get questions all the time from you guys on what is the best way to approach vlogging through your insta story, and how you can use it to grow your engagement. So I decided to write a blog about it with my best tips on how to create a successful insta story series;

Have a general outline of what your stories are going to be about, then make a mental check list of how you want to cover it - For example, will you focus on a specific event, like date night out? Or will it be a general cover of your entire day?

*Keep in mind it can be something as simple as going to the gym or grocery shopping, just make sure it’s natural and genuinely something you feel compelled to share with your audience.

If it’s a date night, you may be thinking to yourself I want to cover getting ready, choosing a restaurant, what I choose to eat, the ambiance, and a review while leaving the restaurant. This way your audience can feel like they attended date night with you and decide for themselves if they want to adopt it as a date of their own! Maybe they like your outfit or the cocktail you chose!

Switch up the types of frames so it doesn’t get too repetitive - Usually I try to incorporate (not in this order) 1 panning video, 2-3 talking videos (selfie mode), 3-4 event or activity videos, 1 boomerang, and maybe 1 picture. Think of it organically! What is going to relay, to your audience, what you’re experiencing in that moment best? Just remember, every day is different location, outfit, event, etc.; so every Vlog will vary in content.

*Always use location tags, hashtags, and brand tags - This is something I cannot stress enough. By using locations and hashtags in your stories you can potentially triple your average views. If you feel like it is making your frame look too cluttered, you can always mask the hashtags behind text or the location tag.

By tagging relevant brands in your insta stories you are making it easier for your audience to research what you are currently wearing or doing. Not to mention letting the brand know you are potentially interested in working with them!

Make it flow - For example, you don’t want to have too many talking videos in a row, or you don’t want to put all your event videos in a row. Make sure to mix it up so your followers don’t get bored mid way through. I love incorporating music into my frames. I recommend putting music on a 1/3 of your frames, especially activity clips to create some buzz.

Pay attention to the length of your vlogs - You should try to aim for 6-10 frames per day. Any longer than this and people might start losing interest.

Don’t be afraid to involve a friend or family member for some dialogue - I love including Kaptan in my mini vlogs! One, because it’s natural! He is always with me, so it would be an dishonest portrayal of my day if he wasn’t in it. Also I’m pretty sure everyone loves Kaptan! When we are doing our usual banter or debates, it’s sometimes my most watched stories.

Consistency is key - I do daily mini vlog series 5-6 days a week for the most part, and it has really boosted my following. If you can’t story daily, try to aim for 3 times a week. This way your followers will know to look for you while scrolling through Instagram.

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