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Why I committed to taking Just Bloom collagen for 30 days and the results I found!

I've been very aware of the collagen hype and it’s growing popularity, but had never made the conscious effort to purchase and include it in my daily routine. I’ve heard amazing stories, from other girls’, that their acne scaring has reduced/ disappeared, or their hair is fuller and longer. To be honest all of it seemed to good to be true, but I thought to myself what if it’s not? What can I lose by giving it a try!

If you have been following me, you may know that I am very conscious about nutrition and what goes into my body. I decided to partner with Just bloom collagen , first and foremost because their collagen was very clean with simple ingredients and a high percentage of collagen peptides. Secondly, because it could be mixed with water (easy for on the go) or added to my morning smoothies and taste good either way.

Just bloom was very honest with me from the start, that seen results could take up to anywhere from 2 weeks to a month of consistently taking their collagen, once a day.

(I chose to take two packets a day in order to see quicker results). They also explained that collagen gives every person a different result. Some experience thicker hair, longer hair, reduced wrinkles, glowing skin, stronger nails or all of the above.


Before I began taking two packets for 30 days I made a list of results that I hoped to see

1 - Thicker hair: I have always had very fine hair. I wanted it to look healthier and fuller.

2 - Longer hair: For as long as I can remember my hair refused to grow past a certain length and it was so frustrating. I didn’t want to try extensions because I knew I wouldn’t like the feeling and would always be paranoid of it looking fake. So this was a big goal for me.

3 - Age prevention and reduction: This is something everyone probably shoots for but I wanted to see if it could help my face and skin look and feel younger.

4 - Skin clarity: Naturally healthier skin with a glow was the goal for this one with the main focus on reducing acne and helping out acne scaring.

Result Calendar

Day 1 - Skin had major acne spots, hair length was suffering, little to no body, and had a lot of trouble holding curls

Day 14 - I’ll never forget this because I can remember walking out of the bathroom with freshly curled hair and Kaptan (my boyfriend) says to me “oh my gosh your hair looks amazing, it’s so much longer and it looks like it’s thick”. I quickly dismissed him and said okay thank you, but I can assure you in about 15 mins it will have completely fallen flat and the curl no where to be seen.... 8 hours later after going through what I would consider extremely windy weather, my hair was still perfectly curled, thick, and volumized. I was shocked. It was a game changer for me knowing I could go the whole day now with perfectly bouncy, curled hair.

Day 20 - This is when I really saw what Kaptan was talking about, when he said my hair was already growing longer. We were out to dinner in Point Loma and he was taking a video of me walking from behind. I watched it later and was again shook at how long my hair was. I quickly did the test of placing it in from of my chest and seeing how far down it went and knew immediately I gained a couple inches already.

Day 30 - The biggest results for myself have been in my hair. Hair shine, thickness, and length. I will say my skin tone has evened out and fine lines have reduced. I am not sure if I’ve seen a big improvement in acne scaring, but have been told that it can take a little longer to see skin and acne results.

Going Forward

I am so grateful that just bloom collagen has come into my life. I love the freedom it offers me, being able to drink it alone with water or mix it in with anything you want. I will definitely be continuing to take this until my hair begins to touch the floor and I resemble a brunette Rapunzel (haha, just kidding). This is something I 100% recommend including into your daily routine. Can’t wait to hear your own results!

To purchase your own her is a link to the exact justbloom collage I used! Mango Mojito Collagen By Just Bloom

Take a look at the pictures below for my before and after results!

Social Handle: @justbloomco



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