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How I planned out my Festival Outfits!

How I planned out my Festival outfits!

For the past couple weeks I’ve been putting aside pieces or products that I thought would be a good fit for my Coachella looks! If you haven’t yet, it’s OKAY don’t panic! Focus on basic pieces you will need. If you’re a last minute planner focus on dresses and sets! They are an easy complete look and you don’t have to worry about building on top of the outfit too much.

The general concept I’ve had in mind for my looks are very LA x Palm Springs x a little 70s glam

Now it’s the day before we leave for Coachella and it’s time to put together the concepts!

First step is to write down the events you will be attending and how many looks you will need each day. For my schedule I have about three everyday. Total about 9-10 looks (we will see if I actually wear them all)

Next start laying out the clothes you think you will want to wear, then shoes, then accessories all in one place. Preferably a room with a full length mirror in it.

Start trying on and pairing outfits together and get dressed in head to toe with jewelry, shoes, everything! Take a full body selfie of the look and then a close up for the jewelry.

Next go back to your list of events each day and then label a look with an event!

I know this may all seem like common sense but honestly this process probably saved me a couple hours of stressing.

I’m excited to show you all my looks this weekend!

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