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How to get the most out of your Palm Springs vacation!

First things first, deciding on a vacation house or hotel?! . I have a golden rule when booking your trip and it completely depends on the length of your stay. 5 days or anything longer, I HIGHLY recommend renting a vacation home with a pool. 4 Days or anything less do yourself a favor and book a resort/ hotel.

I know this seems very blunt but trust me for the reasons below! Also, keep in mind both are amazing options! Booking a hotel vs. renting a vacation home:

Vacation Home

Renting a home is 100% worth it, for the typical Palm Springs mid-century modern architecture, topped off with a gorgeous pool. It’s the ultimate sense of privacy and relaxation. There is nothing like waking up, taking a dip in your gorgeous pool, while breakfast is being cooked by someone who isn’t reading this post. Your day will typically consist of walking in and out of your indoor/outdoor living space, to and from the kitchen and pool. Then BBQ at night, all while never changing out of your bikini.

However, I will say this privacy takes a half-full day to get set up depending on your vacation home rental concierge service. When we rented out our Palm Springs vacation home a concierge service welcomed us by having the house fully prepared by turning on music, air conditioning, opening all the curtains, and showing us around the home. They gave us all the practical instructions so we don’t waste our time figuring it out on our own. For example, how to turn on the pool heater, or the fire pit, where the air conditioning is, the different remotes to the home, where the cook wear is and spices are located... Usually takes about 15-20 mins.

After that intro, all that is left to do, with a proper vacation rental, is to fill the fridge! The goal is to do one big grocery haul at the beginning of your trip, to get it out of the way! So make a list of meals you may want, and of course drinks! I don’t love the idea of spending too much time cooking, especially on vacations, so the key is to keep it simple and quick! Check out my latest IGTV for our vacation rental grocery haul.

After that the home is yours to enjoy! Kaptan and I basically never left ours once we got settled! It was our own private resort... well with out the staff, cooks, and daily housekeepers ;)

Which leads me to Hotels/ Resorts


Okay sooo fun! Kaptan and I had the best experience at the Rowan. Everyday we ate out at a different restaurant that was walking distance, gorgeous roof top pool deck, amazing gym, room service, daily housekeeping, poolside service. What’s not to love?! The only thing you are worrying about is deciding where you are going out to eat that night.

The Rowan had an amazing rooftop pool with a gorgeous view of the mountains however, you’re sharing it with all the other hotel guests. So no nude swimming late at night or not having to worry about tan-lines while sunbathing (not that I did that)... but just a thought.

I don’t want you to think I favor one vacation style over the other because truly I don’t. It really does just depend on the length of stay. After 3 nights/ 4 days at a hotel I start craving privacy and routine, hence renting a house.

But if you rent a house for less than 4 days you’re going to feel like you’re working too hard on the first day of your vacation to get set up and by the time you do get into a great routine, it’s time to leave, hence wanting the luxury of immediate service at a hotel.

I hope this helps! Lists of all my fav spots to visit in Palm Springs coming soon. For now I highly recommend checking out my latest IGTV vacation grocery haul to save you time and stress!


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