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My Skin Care Routine with Skin Resource MD

As many of you know, Kaptan and I are moving to Europe for 4 months!! I know crazy, huh! You may have seen my packing stories, via Instagram, where I had four months worth of Skin Resource MD products in my checked luggage. All I can say is you know a girl loves her skin care line, when she sacrifices checked luggage weight for it!

I have been solely using Skin Resource MD products for a month and a half now, and I am completely jaw-dropped at my results. I remember even after just 5 days I had tears of joy looking at my skin in the mirror.

My skin is glowing, acne I have been working on for weeks/ years has reduced or completely disappeared. Acne scars have faded. Pigmentation has been corrected and acne spots have vanished. These have all been real problems of mine for years, ever since I was a teenager.

What I love the most about Skin Resource MD is that I know with confidence, all my skin care products are designed to work perfectly together, because they were all created by the same dermatologist, with the same goals in mind for each one. Whether it be my tinted moisturizer, cleanser, or skin correction facial cream, these amazing quality products fit seamlessly together at an affordable cost.

For this blog post, I want to break down my skin care routine and share which Skin Resource MD products I have used in combination to get results. I have used these products for about a month and a half now and have absolutely fell in Love with them!

Great cleanser for all skin types. Doesn’t leave my skin too tight or over moisturized. Removes my makeup and keeps my skin clear and even.

Leaves skin soft and comfortable, ready to get the most out of my moisturizers or other treatments. Such a refreshing important step in my skin care routine.

This is an anti-aging treatment for all skin types including dry, oily, sensitive and break-out prone skin. It is exceptionally lightweight and incredibly gentle even for redness prone skin. Makes my skin look glowing and bouncy tight. Very light so I never break out using it!

This cream has high concentrations of Vitamins A, D, E, and F which are known to rejuvenate skin, lessen the signs of aging, improve uneven skin tone, and reverse sun damage. This is definitely a must have product for me. Sun pigmentation and fine lines are beginning to be a problem for me. After using this product for 5 days I noticed an extreme difference in sun spots, fine lines, and acne scars.

This is my absolute favorite facial sunscreen. It is moisturizing, anti aging with hyaluronic acid, and has SPF 44. It provides a perfect universal tint that offers the perfect amount of coverage to either walk out the door alone with it or add makeup on top of it!

This is something I will use at night if my skin is feeling extra dry. It restores moisture in the layers deep down in my skin and only a little amount is necessary to use.

The only difference between my AM and PM skin care routine is I obviously only wear the tinted moisturizer during the daytime and add extra moisturizer at night.

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