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How to have an Incredible Parisian Holiday without Breaking the Bank!

This summer Kaptan and I spent a month in Paris and much to our surprise, it was actually one of the more affordable trips we have taken together. Simply put, the city of Paris is such a gem in its own right that there is no reason to pay for any additional experiences, you actually won’t want to... Even if I had all the money in the world, most of the things I loved doing the most and miss the most were free.

Although Kaptan and I were in Paris for a month, the most common time frame for a holiday in Paris is a week. So here is a break down of a Parisian holiday budget for a week in Paris!

Accommodations - Kaptan and I stayed in the St. German / St. Michel area near the Luxembourg Gardens, in a Airbnb. Our cost per week was $500-$600. The area you stay in is so important! Make sure you have easy access to the heart of Paris and near something you love! Every morning I would get up and go for a run in the Luxembourg Gardens, followed by a latte at the nearest cafe. Such an incredible experience.

Transportation - So many people make a huge mistake only taking taxis when in Paris! You should not have to pay for one taxi when you are there, including getting to and from the airport! Between the buses and the metro, there is easy access to every location you may want to go to at any time of the day or night. At any metro stop you can purchase a week long unlimited public transportation pass, a month long unlimited pass, day pass, or one way pass. I highly recommend an unlimited pass because although you will want to walk as much of Paris as possible, you will also want to save your feet and legs from tiring. So hopping on and off is such a luxury! ($28 for a week long pass)

Food/ Dining- There is absolutely no need to eat out every day or even half the days you are in Paris. I never wanted to dine in a restaurant, instead one of our favorite things to do was to go to the nearest market like Monoprix, Carefour, Carefour express, or Marks and Spencer and grab some picnic essentials and eat by the Louvre, the river, Luxembourg gardens, or the Eiffel Tower! For groceries and eating out for two we spent about $200 for a week! There is nothing better the sitting down and taking in the ambiance of Paris for an hour or so.

If you are looking for quick bites, St. Germain and St. Michel have amazing inexpensive to go options. Crepes, cafes, gelato, croissants, sandwiches, you name it they have it.

I would choose one or two restaurants ahead of time and dine at those during your stay, but the best experiences I had were by far our little picnics.

Experiences- There are so many amazing things to see and do in Paris but one of the main experiences that really requires an admission fee is a tour of the Louvre. I’m embarrassed to say this but I still have not done the tour! I was so happy and content with waking up, sitting at a new cafe everyday, grabbing a crepe for 3 euro and walking along a different part of Paris I completely forgot about the tour. If you do want to go, on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 6-9, the louvre is open late and there are much less tourists! Tickets are also half price!!!

I hope this helps complete your Paris itinerary that you might be putting together. Like always, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram.


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