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The Two Areas of Paris I Recommend Staying In!

Where you stay in Paris can absolutely make or break your trip. Really what it all comes down to is location, location, location.

So much of the charm of Paris is quickly ducking in and out of your flat, for a cafe and croissant, or taking a stroll to the nearest park and back.

When we stayed in Paris for a month I absolutely adored our neighborhood. We stayed near the Luxembourg gardens and Odean theatre. In the mornings I would grab a quick latte to go and maybe a croissant and take a lovely walk through the gardens.

We were a quick 5 minute walk to the river/ Notre Dame. 10 minutes to the louvre. And 5 mins to St. Michel for crepes and the same to St. Germain for a fantastic lunch or dinner

Highly recommend this area! Can’t tell you how much I loved it!

The second area I recommend is anything close the Jardin des Tuileries (which is a park near the louvre, in the 1st arrondisoment. Here you will find all the glitz and glamour of Paris. Gorgeous cafes, mixed into high fashion Boutiques and brands. Five star dining next to little bars, serving tapas and pastries. Absolutely adored this area!

Also, it has the best shopping and high end dining without the heavy tourism (aka Champs-Elysees). Not to mention is it right next to one of the most gorgeous parks in the world, neighboring the Louvre. It’s really central in the heart of Paris. Just a 5 min walk to all the trendy restaurants and bars. About a 10 min walk to amazing, affordable food. And about a 25 min walk to the Eiffel Tower.

I personally think it is such a mistake to stay near the Eiffel Tower or Champs Elysees. These areas are over crowded and touristy. With these two prime locations I recommended, you have the best of both worlds, feeling like a true local Parisian while still experiencing all Paris has to offer.

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