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Busy Weekend in L.A.

L.A. was a blast this weekend! It could not have gone better. Friday I was back in L.A. for Kaptan’s tournament in Calabasas. We stayed at our apartment in Marina Del Ray, which we absolutely love. It is the perfect location. It is walking distance to the beach, great restaurants and still close to our favorite locations in L.A.

Friday morning we had J Nichols Kitchen for breakfast that has one of the best omelets I have ever tasted. We spent the rest of the day in Calabasas for Kaptan’s match and after he won we decided to celebrate by going to Malibu Farm. My jeans and top are from TopShop. We walked the beach and passed another one of our favorite places to eat, Nobu. We didn’t have time to eat there this weekend but we plan on going this coming Friday when we are back in L.A.

Saturday we had breakfast at another Marina Del Ray favorite Jerry’s Deli. My favorite item they have is the cinnamon butter toast. We then made our way to Calabasas for Kaptan’s match and after he won we stopped by Santa Monica for some shopping and dinner. Forever 21 was having a 65% sale! We went to Barney’s Beanery, a famous sports bar in Santa Monica, which lines the walls with flat-screened TV’s and pictures of celebrities. We got BBQ chicken mac and cheese, cheese stuffed burger, and fish and chips, totally worth the calories.

Sunday was a lazy day of sleeping in and relaxing until that night where Kaptan played and won. Yay! We went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants after called C&O Trattoria. It serves unlimited butter and garlic bread rolls that are to die for! You have to be careful though. They are very addicting. I made sure to run an extra 10 minutes today because of them. We always order antipasto salad and an assortment of pasta that we haven’t tried yet. Besides the amazing food the ambiance somehow makes you feel like you aren’t in Venice California but Venice Italy.

Today I spent the day packing for Indian Wells/ Palm Springs and relaxing after a very busy weekend. To get out of the apartment for a while we walked the Venice Beach Canals and admired all the beautiful homes. I love how unique they all are. Each owner is so talented in providing his or her home with such character. I can definitely see myself living here one day. The T-shirt I am wearing is from my shopping trip Saturday night at Forever 21, jeans are from Zara, and sneakers are Converse.

I am writing this blog post on the go and it is a long one! We are driving to Indian Wells and should be there in a couple hours. I can’t wait to try all the spots you guys told me about and share it with you! Thank you so much for messaging me, I love hearing from you!


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