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Finding my motivation to workout!

Kaptan and I are very fortunate to have the flexibility to work on the go! This allows us to design our days around what is most important to us, one key thing being exercising. Before meeting each other, Kaptan and I loved working out and pushing our bodies to be the best they can be, Kaptan more so than myself. My motivation was more sporadic than his. Workouts would become monotonous and I would find myself skipping days, even weeks at a time to then jump back into it again when I felt the need to push myself.

Since meeting Kaptan my motivation has increased to a new level, mostly due to the fact that we exercise together everyday! Workouts have become something we look forward to doing together. It is something that has brought us closer as a couple and has truly developed a level of confidence within our relationship that I have never felt before.

Especially working out with a professional athlete you find yourself being pushed and motivated beyond your limits. As a result, a more vulnerable side of yourself is exposed, developing trust in a relationship.

There is something about working out as a couple where you can really be there for one another. You find yourself exchanging genuine positive affirmations to each other and mentally engaging during quality time. We have some of our best conversations when we are exercising, whether it is about our relationship, business, or brainstorming upcoming travel plans.

Each day we wake up and ask each other about our workout plan. Our workouts range from running or circuits on the beach, followed by a relaxing hour or so, soaking in the sun. If not there, you can find us at our favorite gym in San Diego!

This is my own personal motivation that I have found works for me! Everyone has something different that makes them tick. Exercising together has not only blessed Kaptan and I's relationship but has also made me a healthier version of myself.


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