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Ibiza Photo Diary and Beach Travel Guide!

Ibiza was a last minute additional stop for us. We went there with no idea of where we wanted to stay or go. Thankfully, we were not on too much of a schedule constraint so we spent as long as we needed to, on the island, until we truly got he full Ibiza experience. I wouldn't have had it any other way. There are some key factors and decisions that are crucial to having the perfect experience in Ibiza. I hope my guide helps you get to know Ibiza and let me know if you have any questions!

1) Rent a Car- this is a must! Ibiza is a big island! Driving from one side to the other can be anywhere from 30-45 minutes and public transportation isn't the best. Kaptan and I would start each day by getting in our car and picking a remote beach on a map. We would have never been able to see or experience most of the things we did, without having our own car. But good news is that renting a car in Ibiza is cheap! You can find deals for as low as $10 a day sometimes. 2) Don't stay on one side of the island the whole time- We started our trip right next to Old Ibiza Town. It was close to bars, trendy beach side restaurants, shopping, cafes, and of course the historic old Ibiza town. The beach scene close to this area was filled with tropical beaches lined with lavish beach clubs. All of them had full service day beds, you only see on Instagram, lined all the way up to the water. 

The second half of our trip we wanted to stay somewhere more remote and closer to the local beaches that were harder to reach for other tourists. We decided to stay closer to San Antonio, on the West side of the island. In the main town of San Antonio; you have popular clubs, restaurants, and a tourist shopping area. But just outside the town, it becomes more localized. You will see the daily café sitting right on the water, where locals grab their morning coffee; and fruit stands that have some of the best produce I've ever seen. It was a completely different feel from the first half of our trip. Everything was a little slower and a little more tropical on that side of the island. At some points driving, we thought we were in Hawaii, and then you turn a sharp corner and you are placed in the mountains filled with pine trees. It was truly magical. 

3) Club Scene- It is no secret that Ibiza is known for its party scene. The top DJs come from all over the world to perform at these clubs and they sure let you know it with all their billboards. However, the season ends in October so we just missed out. Although, we weren't too upset because we were mainly there for the beaches and relaxation anyways. 

4) Visit these top beaches but don't be afraid to do some exploring of your own, it is half the fun- The Top Beaches Cala Xarraca - This beach is one for the movies and Gucci perfume commercials . It is definitely the best snorkeling on the island due to the crystal clear water and no waves. The way the cliffs are shaped it makes a lagoon that is perfect for relaxing and some water fun in the sun. Known to be one of the warmer beaches as well, this beauty is located in the northwest of the island. It also has a picturesque ledge right on the water great for sun bathing or some great pictures!

Es Bol Nu - One of the prettiest beaches you will ever see. This was by far the warmest water beach. In the SouthEast part of the island, you find mountain, meets jungle, meets desert, meets coral reef at this beach. It is just breathtaking! There is also a wonderful restaurant right above the beach that is a delight to dine at. 

Ses Salinas - One of the biggest beaches we went to, this beautiful widespread beach is known as one of the party beaches. It has 3 beach clubs with day beds, dancing, and great music. The water is fairly calm, warm and amazingly clear. There is opportunity for a hike near this beach along the coast. The hike is picturesque towards a beautiful lighthouse. Along the way to the lighthouse, there are about 20 little coves that can become your own private beach in a way. Many people take advantage of finding a cove and claiming it as their own. It is just beautiful. Cala de Hort (Es Vedra) - By far the best place I've ever been to watch a sunset. This Western pebbly beach is not easy to get to. It is quite a drive through a windy mountainside road, but it is definitely worth it. Cala de Hort has a huge, huge rock that is about a quarter mile away from the coast. The sun sets perfectly beside the rock and gives this rock an amazing glow. Great opportunity for sunset pictures in the water at night. 

Cala Vedella - Beautiful Italian style beach that is great for swimming. Calm, lagoon like waters make for peaceful swims. The water depth is about 9 ft deep a mile out so you don't have to worry about it getting too deep. With a couple restaurants, shops, and markets you have all you need in this hidden getaway. Very family friendly. This was my 2nd favorite beach on the Island. Cala Tarida - By far my favorite beach on the island, this wonder has it all. With rocks for cliff jumping, waves for body surfing, calm (clear) waters for snorkeling, day beds for laying out, and some of the softest sand you will ever feel. The views were spectacular here with many opportunities for pictures. It is hidden away as well so it does not get too packed. There is also a couple beach clubs for some day fun as well. My favorite part of this beach was the color of the water, it just took you to a place of relaxation and peace (much like the Caribbean I've heard of).  


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