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My Morning Routine

I wish it wasn’t true but without my morning routine I am a different person! I won’t go into details, but let’s just say it’s not a side of myself I’m too proud of haha. My mornings are meant to prepare myself to have a productive, energized, and positive day. The key to keeping a consistent morning routine is that it has to be flexible... meaning you can pretty much do it anywhere. That is huge for me considering Kaptan and I travel about half the year. Obviously, the routine that works best for me may not be what is best for you, so feel free to copy it exactly, change it completely, or tweak it. Either way, I hope it gives you the patience, energy and peace it gives me everyday! I hope this gives you an idea or some inspiration to make your own morning routine. It truly has made a big difference in my life. Just remember to be flexible with yourself, life happens, and just fit in what is most important to you. Any positive step in the morning, no matter how small, is a win.

8:00 am Wake up and immediately get dressed for spin class! - Usually the night before I will lay out my clothes and have my gym bag ready so I’m not aimlessly wondering around the house searching for things. Just trying to reduce the struggle so I don’t crawl back into bed!

8:05 am Grab my water bottle out of the fridge and dink half of it- I’ve been trying to drink more water... since doing this I have notice my workouts are way more energized and productive. 8:10 am Drive to Starbucks and order my daily drink! 8:20 am Sit at Starbucks for about 15 mins relax and catch up on the top three bloggers I follow and check my emails. 8:40 am Drive to the gym and do my daily devotionals in the car while I mentally prepare myself to sweat to death in spin class. 9:00 am Weights and Abs 9:30-10:40 am Spin Class! After spin I make sure to really take 10 minutes to stretch. It makes a huge difference on how my body feels for the rest of the day. 10:50 am Shower, get ready for the day, and make breakfast!  11 ish I respond to emails and make a to do for what I want to accomplish for the day- I always try to be as reasonable as possible when I make my todo list. Sometimes the todo list from the day before gets carried over.


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