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My Rules When Ordering Online

This outfit is by far of my favorite looks I have ever ordered online! It truely fits like a glove. I followed my rules below to make sure it would look perfect on me.

1. If it doesn’t look good on the model don’t order it! - The brand is literally picking a person with almost always 0% body fat (expression), so if it is not flattering on them it probably won’t be flattering on me; who definitely loves her tacos, occasional dairy, chai tea lattes, and Thai food.

2. Look for a discount code before you pay- Almost every company is working with influencers to promote their brand and sometimes will provide a discount code for influencer's IG followers and blog subscribers. I’ve found some great discount codes from searching the company IG profile, and looking at their tagged posts to see who they are sponsoring to use their discount codes (I of course always like and comment on their pic to spread the love). You also help out the influencer by using their code too.

3. Make sure you’re aware of their return policy- Especially brands you are not particularly familiar with. Sizes can vary or material can look different from the picture (this rarely happens to me though).

4. Always check the brand’s size guide- Australia and the UK are home to some of my favorite brands right now. And they have different sizes than US companies. Make sure you translate your sizes correctly using their size guide. If you aren’t sure what size you are, look in your closest and check out the tags of a similar style piece.

5. If you are uneasy about purchasing a high priced item- You can look at the brand’s IG page and see if other people have posted in it. That way you get a feel of how it looks in “real life”. This has helped me decide one way or the other on an item.

6. Know what cuts and fabrics do not flatter your body- From trial and error, I’ve noticed I don’t love certain styles on my specific body type. For example, strapless tops and extremely loose draped tops or dresses. I hope this helps but feel free to keep messaging me with questions on items I post about or something you’re interested in. I’m here to help. Bri Colling


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