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My Top 5 Benefits from Whole30

Whole30 in a nutshell is completely cutting out dairy, grains, wheat, added sugar, and most added preservatives. Pretty much eating as clean as possible. What makes the Whole30 program so amazing? Well not only are the results amazing, but all the information you need for the program is completely FREE! You can find everything you need to know on their website Below are a couple of links I found most helpful when first starting whole30. These links really helped me fully learn about the ins and outs of whole 30. As mentioned in my Instagram post, I started Whole30 because my back was injured in a small car accident and I haven't been able to work out for over a month as a result of it. I still wanted to stay looking fit and FEELING healthy though and through the recommendations of some friends and family I went on the Whole30 Journey. I am almost done with whole30 and I really wish I would have known about this earlier because I have nothing but positive results and feelings from it. I have had no idea until now the toll preservatives, added chemicals, and added sugars have taken on my body. But by cutting these out of my diet, I really saw a difference in so many different areas of my body, both physically and mentally. There are a multitude of benefits people experience when completing Whole30. Some people begin this diet just to help with chronic migraines, chronic aches, and acne. But these are only a small % of the potential benefits from the Whole30 program. Here is a link below about some of the most common benefits from Whole30. Here are my top 5 Benefits I noticed from the Whole30 program: 1) More Energy- Approaching day 20 I had significantly more energy. I only wanted a small cup of coffee in the morning, honestly just for taste, and that was it! There was no need for caffeine. I was fueling my body with the best source of energy and it was thanking me. There was no sluggish feeling throughout the day and my productivity was on another level. It felt like nothing was too big for me to accomplish in one day. 2) Sleep- I was sleeping more efficiently. I was having deeper sleeps for a consistent amount of time. I was sleeping through the night and springing out of bed feeling refreshed. Before Whole30 I could sleep for 10 hours and would want a nap 4 hours later. 3) Body Composition- I noticed that my stomach was flatter than I have ever seen it, even at my skinniest. My stubborn problem area cellulite was disappearing as well. Why? I am not completely sure but you won't find me complaining. 4) Skin- Acne and small bumps on my forehead severly decreased. All acne is gone and only some small bumps are left, which I am assuming will disappear in time as I continue with this diet. 5) Weight loss- I have found it much easier to lose weight. There was not one point on this nutritional plan that I was hungry or have the wanting food feeling. The weight WILL absolutely come off if you are fully COMMITTED and have the ALL IN mentality. And after the first couple of days you will not feel like you are depriving yourself. One warning I will say is that before beginning you have to understand the rules completely. This diet requires complete commitment. No cheating! The creators of this diet warn everyone that if you have one bite of a non whole30 ingredient, you must start your 30 days over. The reason for this is that you are completely cleansing your body and want to rid it of all ingredients that are harmful to it. I hope this gives you inspiration to take some action and check whole30 out. This is something that has become a huge lifestyle change for me. I am beyond grateful to be given these tools to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are some links to begin learning a little more about Whole30 Whole30 Program Rules


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