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New York Trip Breakdown

Hello everyone. I broke down our entire trip of NY below so I hope it helps you plan your own! Photo diary included below.

Favorite Memory-

Having a picnic in Central Park! There is a Whole Foods near Central Park on Columbus Circle. We grabbed lunch there and walked until we found a gorgeous lake. We stayed in that spot all day long.

Where to stay -Don’t stay in Times Square- Definitely check this area out as it is something magical to see! But if you can help it, I highly recommend to not stay near Times Square. It is a lot to take in and I feel like it’s so over run with tourists and activity. You will definitely miss the charm of NY staying there. However, the hotels tend to be lower priced in this area. -SoHo or near Central Park around the Plaza- These are my favorite areas that I would recommend staying if it’s in your budget. If you can book far ahead enough you can usually find a decent deal. SoHo has the best selection of chic hotels, healthy yet trendy restaurants, and amazing shopping. Central Park is the best park in the world, with so much to do! It’s a breath of fresh air, with the most beautiful nature surrounding you, all while still being in the city! You can even row a boat, if you want, in the beautiful lake! -If you are on a budget you can stay in Harlem but be sure to check the reviews about the area- many New Yorkers have told me it’s very up and coming. -If you are really on a budget, you can stay just across the river in Jersey city, and take about a 10 min subway to New York, called the Path train. Jersey City is really nice! Honestly almost a breath of fresh air compared to the city. Where to eat- There are plenty of heathy affordable options but they tend to close around 10 pm. There are many places open 24/7, but not very many healthy options. The area that had the most healthy options was SoHo by far, especially for desserts. -We loved The Little Beet for a romantic New York sit down dinner and the ambiance was amazing as well. - Roast Kitchen is a healthy, quick pit-stop for yummy bowls that you have options for GF, Vegan, DF, Soy Free, and Sugar free. -Joe and Juice - favorite coffee shop in New York by far. Such a cool vibe and very good food and drinks. Also they play some fire 🔥music -Chinatown - You definitely need to go and see Chinatown for yourself. It’s all these amazing Chinese restaurants, packed tightly together! You walk in and out of alley ways to get to most. Something you would think could only be in a movie. And these places have some of the most famous celebrities eating in what you would think would be a hole in the wall. What we saw and did Central Park SoHo Zoo Lincoln center Rockefeller center Freedom tower Statue of Liberty New York stock exchange China town Flatiron building The Plaza Pretty much every district The subway What we wish we saw for next time! Brooklyn bridge Top of Empire State Building Rooftop bars Museums Library Brooklyn Harlem Broadway

SOHO - great selection of chic hotels, healthy and trendy restaurants and shopping.

Time Square- Definitely set a half hour aside to see this for yourself but other than that I don’t recommend planning anything around it. Definitely don’t stay in it if you have the choice.

Madison Square Garden- need to come back to watch a game!

Favorite moments were getting a Starbucks first thing in the morning and walking through Central Park

The Little Red Beet- great ambiance and all gluten free menu.

New Jersey City

Central Park

Central Park

China Town - amazing food!

Near the Plaza- first day we landed in NY we walked through the Plaza.

This is where we sat and had our picnic in the park!


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