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Photo Diary of Seville, Spain

Seville was my first time in Spain and I loved it! The beautiful Spanish architecture, the food, flamenco, language, and people. 


We traveled from France to Sevilla with Ryan Airlines. Sevilla does not have a ton of public transportation so we took a cab from the airport to our hotel. There is one Metro Line that runs up and down the middle of Seville and bus lines that come regularly through out the city during the day. The players hotel that Kaptan and I were staying at was located just outside the city so we would take the metro into the city center and walk from there. 

Culture Seville does have a small amount of tourism but not nearly as much as you would expect to see in Barcelona or Madrid. You truely get to know what if feels like to be a local in this hidden gem of Spain. Walking through the city Kaptan and I needed to brush up on our Spanish. Not as many people in Seville speak English as I would expect them to in Barcelona or Madrid. We started at the city center. From there any way you chose to walk you will run into a beautiful attraction. The city center is filled with beautiful Spanish architecture, tapas, and cafes. You will also find some of your American guity pleasures like Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and the Hard Rock Cafe. 

We got lost in the Barrio Santa Cruz, these are some of the most beautiful historic allies I have ever walked through. You are transported into a different time, stumbling upon different restaurants and cafes within a beautiful court yard. 

Plaza de España- It is one of Spain's most famous plazas. Take in the majestic architecture and possibly rent a boat to paddle through the moat. Here I watched my first flamenco dancers on the steps of the plaza. Best part is that the plaza and its surrounding gardens are free to view. 

Have Tapas and Paella every restaurant has their own version of tapas and paella. The ones located in the very middle of the city center can be a little touristy and generic. It is the hidden restaurants just off the center in the alleys that make for a perfect dinning experience.

Churros and Chocolate- Spain's favorite dessert. The only place I recommend getting them in Seville is right next to the Seville Cathedral. It is a small take away restaurant that has the best churros and chocolate. You can choose to eat them on the steps of the church or at the restaurant.

Please don't pass up the honey glazed croissants. It will give Paris a run for it's money. 

Visit the Alcázar of Seville- Have you seen Game of thrones? You will recognize this palace then. One of Sevillas most famous sites to see. You have to pay for entry but it is worth it!

We love Sevilla! I can't wait to go back in a couple weeks!


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