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Process to find Interior Inspiration

Hello everyone!

As Kaptan and I prepare to start searching for our first home this year I have been shamelessly skimming my Pinterest for the interior vibes I want to have. So I thought I would share some of my interior inspiration with you! If I had to label the style I am going for it would be Eclectic Southern Californian.

My thoughts are that I want to keep it gender neutral so it is comfortable for both Kaptan and I. I also want to keep it simple. I like the idea of having a bright blank canvas and adding a few key pieces to bring warmth, texture, color and comfort.

You’ll notice I picked options with light bright shades of white walls with only a few key textured items to bring it that Eclectic Southern Californian character. I love something different from each of the pictures I posted. I think it is important to remember when searching for inspiration that you are never going to find that perfect picture where you absolutely love everything, because then it wouldn’t be yours. Don’t be afraid to mix, match, and say a certain accessory isn’t for you. For example I am not a huge fan of the southwestern influences in some of these pictures. However, I absolutely love the pairings they have done between the bed frame and the nightstand or couch and coffee table.

One piece I really gravitate towards is a Persian or Oriental rug. They bring a classic pop of color, comfort, culture, and timeless class. Building around a rug like this is so incredibly easy. There are so many colors and prints to pull from. After the rug, you will find that you only need a few more key pieces to bring your room together making it simple and easy for both and your budget.

Kaptan’s grandmother passed down a beautiful Persian rug to him that I can’t wait to incorporate into our first home together. My intention is to invest our money into timeless pieces that can follow us through life.

I would love to hear your thoughts about your own experiences decorating your first home or what your personal style is.


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