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Sunday at the Grand Hyatt San Diego

Sunday was such a beautiful day in San Diego! Our day was about taking advantage of the great weather. We went to church early in the morning, 9 am, which might not be so early for some of you, and then straight after we went to the Grand Hyatt San Diego for their Sunday brunch.

We love this brunch because of its great location! The brunch faces the water in Seaport Village lined with beautiful yachts. I think everyone there forgot how amazing it was outside, being that it has been so gloomy lately, so we were the only ones who decided to sit in the patio area giving us a lucky private dining experience.

Again, what is great about this brunch, besides the fluffiest waffles I've ever tasted, is the location. Right after stuffing ourselves with yummy food we were able to get up right from our seats and begin walking along the water of Seaport Village, making everyone feel better about that extra pastry they had.

I brought my Tory Burch tote because I tend to bring a million things with me when I know I'm going to be out of the house for most of the day. It has truly become one of my staple items. My black sundress is by Tommy Hilfiger from a couple seasons ago. It was an early morning, so natural hair and no makeup for me besides some Bobbie Brown lip-gloss. When I don't have time to style my hair I like to wear it in the low ponytail with some hoops. (I forgot my hoops!) It is an effortless classy look that I love doing when I am in a rush.


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