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Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Coffee to Matcha

Hey guys! Recently I tried my first cup of Matcha and immediately I was hooked! Bye-bye coffee! You have gotten me this far in life, but it is time for us to part! Don't get me wrong I will have an occasional almond milk latte from time to time, but from now on when when I wake up in the morning my first thought is going to be Matcha!

Matcha is a fine powdered form of green tea. However, it is special from other green teas because those tea leafs are brewed. In matcha, the leafs are ground up into a fine powder to be mixed with hot water. It can be served cold or hot. Many make it into the latte of their choice. I personally enjoy almond milk and organic honey (the only sweetener I use these days). Why choose matcha over coffee for your morning or caffeine rituals? 1. Health Benefits- Studies have shown that matcha has health benefits that offer protection against aging, cancer, heart disease and also promotes healthy blood pressure regulation and blood sugar regulation. It contains vitamins A and D, along with fiber. 2. Caffeine release- Matcha containes L-Theanine, an amino acid that causes your body to process caffeine differently. As a result matcha creates a calm alert state without the anxiety or jitters that coffee drinkers get. It is a much slower consistent release of caffeine. 3. Easy- Matcha is incredibly easy to make. No heavy equipment needed! 4. No coffee breath- A refreshing smell is left on your breath instead of the well... you know. 5. Increases metabolism- increases the rate that your body burns calories up to 40% more than it already does. Where to find it? It has really boomed into a trendy drink. Most cities have matcha shops popping up where you can find specialty matcha lattes or an at home supply. If you are in San Diego, a matcha shop just opened recently called Holy Matcha ! It's is so cute and a great Instagram spot! The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about matcha and the benefits it has over coffee, so don't be afraid to ask! You can also buy their book that they sell in their store for all food and beverage matcha recipes. Grocery stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods also sell matcha and I wouldn't be surprised if your local grocery store has started selling it too!


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