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Venice Beach

This weekend's blog post is a short one because we spent pretty much the entire weekend inside the apartment avoiding the rain. It didn't make for great pictures or outdoor adventures. We ended up spending our time brainstorming for some exciting future plans we have coming up for my blog and tennis in between some workouts and take out food (healthier versions of take out food). We have some smaller trips coming up though so it's okay!

Lucky for us, Monday morning the rain let up long enough to drive from Marina Del Ray to Venice Beach to go for a walk and a little workout before heading back to San Diego.

This weekend we will be up in L.A. again so I'll be able to share a little more about our routine and where we stay. Then the following Monday we are going to Indian Wells for a tennis tournament. I'm excited! I've haven't been to the Palm Springs area before. If you have any recommendations for places to eat or see message or email :)


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