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What to do in Washington D.C.

Where we stayed

- One Washington Hotel Okay kinda a gem! We arrived really late, but they were so accommodating with gifts and snacks waiting for us. We had a large suite with an amazing balcony (check my insta)! But the best part about this hotel was the location! Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, @onewash was walking distance from the White House, all the monuments, and even Georgetown! We couldn’t have been happier with the customer service and also how they go out of their way to help you. Also, they have a free Wine Hour in the lobby from 5-6 pm, for all my wine connoisseur!

What and where to eat

-Pizza & Got to be one the best pizzas I’ve ever had and we stumbled upon it by accident. It is very much to go style, but it does not fall short in the taste category. It has gluten free and vegan options, and my favorite part is unlimited toppings!!!! Kaptan even got fried eggs on his, What!!! And you can get all this for $9-$12 dollars and feel completely full! Where to have a night out

-POV or near the White House Shoutout to our tennis friend Kevin Lynch for the recommendation because this bar has that D.C.swag! Mainly filled with lawyers and politicians, this bar is surrounded by money, but the ties do come off here. Everyone is more relaxed and really easy to talk to. Your view is just astonishing! With a total aerial of D.C., the monuments, and your neighbor The White House; people seem to break away from that intensity of D.C. business life and just chill up above the nation’s capital! Day one activities - White House Pretty surreal experience being at the house of the leader of the free world! You can actually get fairly close to it and surprisingly it is not that big! It is very White and very grand but I would say it looks the best from the backside. Even though you can’t get as close from the back, it looks even more grand due to the immense White House lawn and pristine balconies! Also the lighting is better back there for my instagrammers 😉

- National monument Maybe the coolest monument they have in D.C. is the Washington National monument next to the long reflecting pool. This long pool makes for some great shots. And the lighting is amazing here during golden hour. - Lincoln memorial Although I didn’t get an insta shot with honest abe, this statue does not cease to amaze! Lincoln on his throne is absolutely huge and the Roman pillar architecture surrounding him is something you would only see in Greece or Rome. You could get an amazing picture, but you would just have to come early in the morning! But as you know Kap and I love our sleep 😴 Day two activities

-George town I’m so glad we went to Georgetown, which was only 7-10 minutes away by car from our hotel. This famous town transports you to London. With brick buildings everywhere, green trees and colorful flowers, and endless stoops, there is an insta picture ready at every corner! 💂🏼‍♀️

-The Mall Ok I might have actually thought this was a real mall when I first heard about it! Lol! This mall is a little less shopping, and a little more elegance. With endless green grass and pristine trees, this mall is perfect for kickball games (just watch your head) and family fun! Surrounded by countless museums, there is something for everyone to see. Also don’t forget about the food trucks! (Thanks Lauren Stewart for that tip) 🙌🏼

-Capitol Hill If you walk the entire mall, you will walk right up to Capitol Hill. This is kind of an important building because all our laws are passed there. I would also say that this is the staple monument to see in Washington D.C. It’s the one you see in all the pictures and movies; and with a little lake in front of it, it is really beautiful to just sit and gaze (or take a pic). We also saw a full rainbow pass right over Capitol Hill! It was beautiful! - Ford theater We stumbled upon this by accident, but this is the theater that Lincoln was assassinated. Ford thereat is very close to the White House so really worth it to see for such a close walk!

- POV Again, very cool bar! Right next to the department of treasury and the White House! You can literally see all of D.C.! Amazing vibes! What I wish I saw

- More museums We didn’t go to any of the many museums but next time we are definitely going to! We’ve heard that the holocaust museum is a must so that will be on our list for sure!


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