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Whole30 desserts that won't break your diet!

Hey guys! There are ways to satisfy your cravings without consuming harmful ingredients and breaking your diet! That means, no soy, wheat, grains, gluten, dairy, added sugars, or preservatives for me! Keep in mind, these treats should be put in the same category as fruit. Although they contain all natural sugars, it is still best in moderation. Like fruit, you want to stick to 1-2 servings a day. Here are some links to EASY recipes that have gotten me through some dark times. Whole30 Brownies ! This is only 3 ingredients, however there are more complicated Whole30 versions like this one! Fudgy Brownies  has honey in the recipie, which is considered an added sweetener by Whole30. If you add it, which I do, I recommend using organic honey.  Apple Pie Squares ! Warning!! This recipe does contain maple syrup, which is considered an added sweetener by Whole30, but it can be optional. Banana Fudge ! All I can say is may I please have some almond milk with this?


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