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Why I Fell In Love with Brugge. The 7 things that you must do and see while in Brugge.

Often referred to as the "Little Venice" or "The Fairytale of Europe", Brugge is one of the most charming towns in the World. You will find your heart filled with culture, great food, and beautiful memories after leaving this city. This was mine and Kaptan's second time visiting Brugge and we both agreed it is easily a place we could see ourselves living.  

This mid-evil town is completely surrounded by water in the shape of a circle and is connected by beautiful parks, stone bridges and cobblestone roads. Almost every road leads the the center of Brugge or continues in a circle until it begins again. There is no need for a car in Brugge everything is reachable by bike or walking. Brugge delivers an unbelievable amount of charm, romance, culture, and happiness to your heart in a different way each day you spend there. 

Here are my top musts to do and see that will make you fall in love with Brugge just as I have. 

1. Aimlessly wonder- Any path you chose to walk down you will find perfect cobblestone roads, hidden courtyards with beautiful cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and parks that will make you think you are in a Monet painting. 

2. Walk the streets of the Centrum- the centrum, or center of Brugge is filled to the brim with different shops from couture to Zara. Hundreds of restaurants to choose from and of course the beautiful architecture that would wow anyone. 

3. Eat a Belgian Waffle with Gelato for dessert from Fred's- Kaptan and I have had our fair share of the different waffles Brugge has to offer and by far Fred's is the best! It can be found just off the Market Center of Brugge next to where horse drawn carriages are offered. 

4. Climb to the top of the Belfry Tower- in the center, the Belfry Tower is one of the most iconic symbols of Brugge. Climb to the top and enjoy seeing Brugge from above. 5. Take a bike ride through the park- The parks surround the outer perimeter of Brugge and some of the most beautiful scenery to take in. There are plenty of bike rental shops that can be easily found on the way there.

6. See Brugge in the morning and late at night- the two times where everyone is still asleep. You will have Brugge to yourself. Every morning I would wake up as soon as possible walk to my favorite café and sit in front of a beautiful church and watch Brugge slowly wake up. 

7. Visit the Bridge of Love- the smallest bridge in Brugge, also referred to as the Bridge of Love will often have swans periodically passing under it and throughout the canals of Brugge. It is looked over by a beautiful church. Sit and enjoy with someone special. There are so many more reasons to see Brugge however these are some of my favorite. More to come on Brugge but if you have any questions feel free to ask!  


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