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About Me

I am born and raised in California, currently living in San Diego. I travel full time with my boyfriend who is a professional tennis player. Together we have seen places and cultures I have only dreamed of seeing. Our lifestyle continues to push me out of my comfort zone in fashion, food, and adventures. We vlog our days on youtube and through Instagram story where you will see our daily highlights; with the occasional "realness" that I am sure all couples have.

I have always found myself drawn to the world of fashion, but within the past few years I have really developed a passion for it. ​My style is always evolving, as everyone's should; but it always incorporates elements of trend, sophistication, femininity, effortlessness, and just a little sexiness. Fashion and looking your best takes time, effort, and money which is why I love passing my inspiration and tips on to you!

My days are filled with finding the next best dairy free, gluten free, soy free dish or treat. I am addicted to San Diego taco shop food. I am obsessed with coffee shops and insist on spending at least 30 minutes in one everyday (good for my soul). I'm spending more and more time on skin care and beauty this year which has been so much fun!

My blog really began as travel and fashion, but you will find throughout my Instagram,youtube videos and blog posts, it has become so much more. I try and be as transparent as possible sharing my own knowledge in fashion, travel, diet, fitness, relationships, beauty, and more.


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