Lazy Saturday

February 13, 2017




Kaptan and I are huge fans of sleeping in when we can. We love taking our time to get up and make breakfast while easing into the day. Kaptan can sleep much longer than I, so I got an hour head start on him at the early hour of 11:30...

Usually I try and jump straight into my morning exercises, but the rainy Saturday got to me. So I had some coffee while I watched one of my favorite shows then did a quick 15 minute circuit and then made breakfast.

Once Kaptan was up we decided to spend the afternoon in Del Mar. Del Mar is a beach town, just north of La Jolla, where Kaptan likes to practice.
We started in the Del Mar Village area. This cute area of Del Mar is lined with boutiques and restaurants, where we decided to grab some lunch. We then made our way down to the ocean, where I relaxed and watched Kaptan do a little workout.
Like I said the rainy lazy Saturday vibe got to me, so it was light makeup by Bobbie Brown, un-styled hair, and Kaptan's old top gun crew neck. Funny enough, I've seen similar styles being sold at Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. It was definitely a win for style and comfort!

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