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2018 New Year’s Resolutions

As many of you know I am huge in goal setting but not into waiting for the New Year to start them! I really challenge you to have the mind set to start them NOW! It’s a mind set change that isn’t easy to make but has made a world of difference for myself. Don’t wait for a certain day of the year to start improving your life. However, that being said, I love using NYE as an excuse to write down my current goals and or new goals I thought of for my 2018 resolutions. Remember that it’s important to have a range of commitment levels and difficulties for your resolutions! Give yourself achievable goals but at the same time don’t be afraid to dream big! 1. Be Bold! - This is a repeat from last year because I think there is still room for improvement! It’s a broad concept that I’ve made up in my own head but to pinpoint it I’d say A) To step out of my comfort zone more often with experiences, makeup, hair, fashion choices and life’s opportunities. B) Don’t be afraid to be myself- I think it is really easy to see someone on social media and think in order to be X you need to imitate them. The truth is when you imitate someone you’re going to lose every time. There is no authenticity, no self love, and people will sense that. You are always better off giving an honest portrayal of who you are and I really challenge myself to do just that in my daily life, instagram and blog. I hope it has been shinning through! Remember, finding inspiration is different than imitation. Message me if you want to hear more about this because I have grown so much this past year from “being bold” and it has made some huge improvements in my life! I would love to address it even deeper. 

2. Find my balance of toning my body- I have mastered cardio and truly have found my balance with what I am eating. It’s an amazing feeling to know this... it’s only taken me 26 years to do it haha. Next step is adding a solid routine of muscle toning. Thankfully I know what to do, thanks to Kaptan, but it’s more just finding the discipline within myself to commit to it! 

3. Pack more efficiently- I really failed at this last year and even now! But I truly resolve to not over pack for trips and tennis tours so Kaptan and I aren’t literally weighed down too much. 

4. Schedule my time and goals the night before- Although Kaptan and I both do not have your topical day jobs, we both remain extremely busy. There is a lot we WANT to fit into our days and I think if I have a clearer schedule of the day I would get a lot more done.

5. Embrace the concept “the harder I work the luckier I get”- What seems like luck is just a result of your hard work. I’m beginning to learn exactly what it takes to run your own business. The more I apply myself to my blog and instagram the more opportunities are been presented to me. Many have thought my recent success in 2017 is luck that could run out at any moment in time but the truth is my success is a result of hard work and commitment.

I hope my resolutions give you inspiration to make some of your own. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. 


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