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Top Travel Tips!

Top travel tips

In honor of traveling to Miami this week I put together a list to help us all travel more conveniently. Kap and I have a traveled for months at a time, so needless to say, I’ve learned a couple things about making life a little easier while on the go.

Dress appropriate for the airport - This sounds simple but people tend to overthink this.

•Comfortable pants (leggings, loose pants, anything you can sit comfortably in)

•Simple cotton t-shirt or anything very soft

•Light jacket if the plane gets too cold

•Easy slip off and on shoes to go through TSA

•Tote bag purse to carry makeup, lotion, Chargers, and food

Pack healthy snacks and water - A lot of people don’t know this but you can actually take food into the airport, you just can’t take liquids. Pack a healthy salad, or make your favorite sandwich to avoid that expensive airport food.

Travel light by planning your outfits - This is more important for longer trips but can also be useful for shorter trips as well. Make sure you are packing outfits that can be mixed and matched with other sets. Remember you can only take 50 lbs in your suitcase and honestly, you really don’t want to be lugging a super heavy bag around. Planning for pants that can be used multiple times or jackets that can be worn with different bottoms to look like a different outfit, can make life a whole lot easier.

Pack your small purse and carry on a large tote - We already talked about the tote but make sure you pack your favorite small purse or purses. You won’t want to carry a tote everyday as that can get annoying. So make sure once you get there the small purse comes out to play.

Make a packing list - This helps me not forget key items. Usually if I don’t do this, I always forget something I need.

Double check your skin care and make up with TSA approved - We all know skin care and make up can get expensive. It would be a shame for TSA to throw any of it away. Double check the limitations for what you can and can’t carry on. 3.4 oz or 100 ml is the limitation currently for all liquids, but remember, all lotions and pastes count as liquids.

Moisturizer for flight - Flying high up in the sky can dry you out. Make sure to do this, plus chapstick, to have your skin feeling normal.

Compression socks and leggings - These will help you not swell as much. I usually was swollen for the first two days of the trip before I started wearing these!

Pack your pillow - I know this sounds like a weird one, but this is maybe the most important. Your head is accustomed to your pillow so you will sleep better at any hotel if you have your familiar pillow under your head. Plus, it will be easier to sleep on the plane if you have it.

Bring a tote for dirty laundry - Where does all the dirty laundry go when on vacation? That’s a great question most people don’t have the answer too. Make sure you bring a tote or bag specified for dirty laundry. Your clean clothes will thank you for it!

Bring an extra charger - You never know when your charger is going to give out, so make sure you have a backup.

Bring extra hair ties - Can’t have enough hair ties! Enough said.....

Highlight the places you want to eat on yelp so you’re not searching there wasting time - This is pretty self explanatory but can’t tell you how much pre-planning restaurant helps.

Save a profile on Instagram for inspo or cute locations I want to see - I’m sure you guys do this already, but just find your favorite blogger in the area and stalk them!

Hotel location and amenities - When booking a hotel, I always check for proximity to a Whole Foods and a gym, if it doesn’t already have one. I also make sure the hotel has a kitchen or kitchenette, daily housekeeping, and parking.

Maintain your daily routine while you’re there - You don’t need to break your nutrition or sleep patterns and workout plan. Trust me, you can keep your daily routine anywhere (And I’ve been to Morocco, so I mean anywhere)


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