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Miami Tavel Blog! The reasons your next vacation should be in Miami

If a tropical vacation had been mentioned to me, Miami as a destination would have never come to mind.

Now having gone to Miami both in Summer and Winter, it’s the perfect get away for Kaptan and I, for several reasons:

  1. Very easy and affordable to travel to. A quick red eye to Miami from California will only set you back about $90. Although you feel you have been transported into a foreign country of some magical Latin decent, Miami is obviously still very American, although you’ll find English is everyone’s second language.

  2. The beaches have white sand and the water is blue and warm. Warm tropical waters is an absolute must for me if I’m expected to enjoy the beach in any way. Miami’s beaches have the effect of its close neighboring Bahama islands.

  3. A perfect combination of island life and luxury city amenities. Through out South Beach you will find some of the more luxurious restaurants, resorts, shops and businesses.

  4. Promotes a healthy lifestyle of living- My guess for the active, healthy lifestyle in Miami is because it’s bikini season year around. There are so many activities that revolve around the water that keep you active daily. Paddle boarding, swimming, walking/running the boardwalk. Plenty of gyms and workout studios around to keep you entertained with the latest workout. It’s hard to go a day with out doing something physical. Food wise, many restaurants and grocery stores are focused on healthy options. It’s easy to find gluten free, dairy free, organic, or no sugar added options wherever you go.

Where to stay-

Highly recommend staying in South Beach (South of 20th) as close as you can get to the beach. South beach can get a little pricey so Mid Beach (South of 70th) would be my next suggestion.

On south beach you will find all the luxury resorts, spas, pools, clubs, and restaurants. There is even an equinox. One of my favorite whole foods in the US is located in South Beach. And of course the beaches are pristine.

Mid-Beach is where you have more of the local feel. You will find neighborhood cafes, smoothie shops, casual dining, and a mix of high rise condos and smaller unit buildings. The beaches are still gorgeous but have a bit of a slope where the water meets the sand. Making leisurely walking in and out of the ocean not as smooth as south beach. With no traffic it will take you 10 mins or less to get to south beach. With traffic, which is most of the time, it will take about 15-20 mins to get to south beach.

Grocery shopping and quick bites - Kaptan and I are big on home cooked meals that are healthy, gf, sf, df. When we eat out we like them to be the same. This last time when we were in Miami for Swim Week, we really only had time for quick bites out and some grocery shopping for meals at our condo.

Fav quick healthy bites and Acai Bowls:

Orange Express- extremely fresh, not overpriced, amazing taste

Whole Foods- you can never go wrong with a whole food acai bowl. I will say I do think their acai is a pre packed mix through.

Pura Vida- a little expensive but located in South Point in South Beach. making it a perfect stop before or after hitting the water.

Favorite Grocery stores:

The only grocery stores you will ever need in Miami is Whole Foods in South Beach and Publix. You will find Publix all over Florida and Miami. They have amazing selections, prices and high quality fruits and veggies.

Whole Foods Located on Alton in South beach is one of my fav Whole Foods ever. Loving the indoor, outdoor seating for eating and lounging. Great selection of healthy products, and meals to go.

What to do:

Basically, you are coming to Miami for the beaches and water activities. So plan to layout by the beach and or beach side pool, at your resort. I’ll be hones though, there really isn’t any need for a pool because the ocean feels amazing.

Walk the board walk - this is something I could do every morning and evening. This boardwalk stretches from Mid-beach all the way to south point and it’s one of the most gorgeous walks I’ve ever been on in the world. With views of the beach on one side, to resorts on the other.

Party- Miami is known for some of the best clubs and late night dining spots in the world.

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