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My Most important Top 7 Travel Tips to make flying as comfortable as possible while remaining within

Hey guys! So as you know Kaptan and I flew to Oklahoma yesterday for a tennis tournament. We are kicking off his tennis season and with that comes a ton of travel. In the states, it mostly consits of flying everywhere; while in Europe it's trains, planes, and automobiles! We have traveled on various budgets through out the past year or so, and here is what has helped me stay comfortable on any travel budget, without looking like a bum! 1. Wear loose, soft clothes: When flying, our bodies have a tendency to swell up, causing our body to retain water and make our clothes feel tighter. In my own experience the tighter your clothes, the more you body swells through out the plane ride. That being said, you also don't want to feel like you look sick wearing the loosest sweatpants you own, and what looks like your boyfriends old shit. Yesterday, I chose to wear my favorite boyfriend jeans by Paige. These jeans are by far the softest jeans I have ever tried on and only get better with age. I paired it with a white long sleeve cotton top by Hinge. You can't tell, but it is actually very sheer and breathes perfectly. We flew into Oklahoma's 90 degree weather and I was not phased! 2. Layer: Wear a long sleeve with a light jacket or wear a short sleeve with a slightly warmer, thicker jacket. Make sure it is still thin enough to be folded and placed in your carry on. Temperatures from departure to arrival can vary drastically from freezing all the way to very hot. My jacket is constantly going on and off. My own travel jacket by Harlowe & Graham, is incredibly soft! It is the perfect length, thickness, and even has a hood that pulls over your eyes when you want to sleep.  3. Wear the ideal shoe to Travel In! - The best shoes to fly in are these mule loafers! Let your feet swell up on the plane it won't matter! Not to mention they are beyond comfortable to rush through the airport in. The classic shoe style and color of my Steve Madden mule loafers does not disappoint! I was able to sleep through most of my 7 am flight without looking like I was going to bed. 4. Eat clean - I cannot tell you how much eating clean helped me get through yesterday. Kaptan and I were running on about 2-3 hours of sleep, when we had to wake up for our flight and got nothing but patchy sleep on the flight. We had fruit for breakfast in the airport (had to be there by 6:00 am). Unfortunately there is a ton of preservatives and added sugars in the food at the airport, so we had limited choices. Once we landed we were in a rush to get to the tennis club to check in and we were a little nervous not having any of our usually quick hits for clean food like In-n-Out, Daphne's Greek Cafe, or Luna Grill. However we found a Five Guys and had their 100% grass fed, no additive burger, with no bun, lettuce wrapped, onions, green peppers, and mustard (the only items on their menu with no preservatives or added sugars). This held us off until we could go grocery shopping later that night (9 P.M.) at a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. You would think Kaptan and I would be dead after going all day with two or three hours of sleep and Kaptan even practicing, but we were able to function just fine. We did each sleep about 12 or 13 hours last night though. 5. Water, water and water - this will help keep your energy up and the swelling down. I didn't drink anything else except water yesterday. Other drinks can have a ton of salt and/or sugar and make you swell, which is not good especially if you are going on vacation somewhere and you want to wear a bikini. It can also be a vicious cycle with sugar drinks. You will get a high and then crash soon after, having to get another one. 6. No caffeine before your flight, try and sleep - Early flights can be tempting to have some coffee before, but if you eat clean and drink water you won't need it. Also this will allow you to fall asleep easier on the flight and at night, if there is a time change. 7. Shower right before your flight - the closer to the flight you shower the less gross you will feel when you get off. Filtered airplane air, surrounding your skin and clothes, is not the best feeling! 


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